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Tempest SH
member, spacehawks


Computer programmer
Mathematics teacher

Was born: 1977.02.01
Height: 188 cm
Weight: 95 kg

Main Occupation: CEO of Universal Software
As Group Member: coder, musician
Preferences Related to: Ancient and medieval history, basketball, mythology
Tools extensively used:
VisualC (coding)
Imagine, 3DStudioMAX (raytrace)
Most admired graphician: Lazur
Most admired coder: Mike Singleton, David Braben
Most admired writer: Sándor Szélesi, J.R.R. Tolkien, Roger Zelazny, Terry Pratchett
Favourite basketball player: Scotie Pippen
Best movie seen: Matrix, Dune, Highlander I
Best episode of Tseburaska seen: 12
Best episode of Müttö seen: Winter
Best computer game: Jagged Alliance 2
Best book: Lord Foul's Bane - Stephen R. Donaldson
Best music ever: Mike Oldfield - Sentinel, Jan Hammer - Crocket's theme
Best actor: Sean Connery, Christopher Lambert
Most important things on Earth: The trees